This project was created by students in professor Karl Idsvoog’s computer-assisted reporting class in the Kent State School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Using public records and interviews, we examined the car policies of each Mid-American Conference athletic department and several other NCAA Division One universities in the region.


Central Michigan

Central Michigan Car Club user guidelines (pdf): Details how CMU athletic department employees “develop a positive relationship with” the car dealers, including “learn about their family and provide their wife and kids with gear,” “invite their children and relatives to a sports camp or clinic,” and “invite them to play golf.” Employees with cars also must call, email and write a thank you note to the dealer every four months; have “personal contact” with their dealer every six months; and “provide dealer with gear from your program once per year.”

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Free cars for coaches in the MAC and beyond – By Ian Davison

In Kent State University’s athletic department, head coaches, and the assistant coaching staffs for basketball and football receive cars from the University. That’s 33 in total. How many do professors receive? Zero. Continue reading…

Coaches get free cars in the MAC – By Mike Crissman

… Central Michigan University provides the most cars in the division at 38. Ohio University gives out the most stipends at 28. Stipends range from $250 to $480 a month. An added benefit of the stipend at Bowling Green State University is the coach doesn’t have to use it for a car. Jim Elsasser, associate athletic director for internal affairs at Bowling Green, said the $425 stipend his university gives each head coach can be used for anything – not just a car. Continue reading…

Free cars for coaches at M.A.C. schools continue despite economic downturn – By Daniel Moore

The fleet fills parking spaces outside Kent State University’s Memorial Athletic Convocation Center while the lots surrounding academic buildings are vacant of 2012 Ford Fusions provided by local dealerships. At Kent State, the athletic director and every head coach receives something no faculty or staff member would ever consider asking for: a car for $150 a month. Continue Reading…

The NCAA imbalance – By Lance Lysowski

As universities struggle financially, schools across the Mid-American Conference are providing courtesy vehicles and vehicle stipend to athletic department employees. Continue reading…

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