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Mike Crissman – Coaches get free cars in the MAC: Central Michigan University provides the most cars in the division at 38. Ohio University gives out the most stipends at 28. Stipends range from $250 to $480 a month. An added benefit of the stipend at Bowling Green State University is the coach doesn’t have to use it for a car. Jim Elsasser, associate athletic director for internal affairs at Bowling Green, said the $425 stipend his university gives each head coach can be used for anything – not just a car. Continue reading.

Daniel Moore – Free cars for coaches at M.A.C. schools continue despite economic downturn: The fleet fills parking spaces outside Kent State University’s Memorial Athletic Convocation Center while the lots surrounding academic buildings are vacant of 2012 Ford Fusions provided by local dealerships. At Kent State, the athletic director and every head coach receives something no faculty or staff member would ever consider asking for: a car for $150 a month. Continue reading.

Ian Davison – Free cars for coaches in the MAC and beyond: At Kent State University’s Athletic Director, head coaches, and the assistant coaching staff for basketball and football receive cars from the University. That’s 33 in total. How many do professors receive? Zero. Continue reading.

Lance Lysowski – The NCAA imbalance: As universities struggle financially, schools across the Mid-American Conference are providing courtesy vehicles and vehicle stipend to athletic department employees. At the 13 MAC schools surveyed (Western Michigan and Temple would not comment),a total of 197 courtesy cars were given to employees in athletics. Continue reading.

A.J. Atkinson – Cars program shows what is improperly important to university leaders: Though universities are established for academics, the athletic department receives far more perks than academic departments, showing a clear imbalance in many universities’ core values. Continue reading.

Anthony White.  At Kent State University, some head coaches and assistant coaches gets a perk that no English or math professor would ever consider asking for: a car. Continue reading.

Ashley Wallace – University Athletics Spend Big Money on Cars: One perk in many jobs is to receive a free company car. Throughout the universities in the Mid American Conference, there are over 215 cars or car stipends provided to the athletic department and no other department. But how are the universities able to afford cars for coaches? Continue reading.

Brian Presley – An Expensive Perk for MAC Athletic Departments: All of these cars and car stipends are nice perks for the athletic departments, but are these cars really needed? According to Joel Nielsen, Athletic Director at Kent State, the cars are necessary because “it’s one of those competitive advantage situations where if we weren’t doing it, we’d be at a competitive disadvantage.” Continue reading.

Chris Lambert – MAC coaches receive cars as part of perks package: Just for being a head coach at a MAC school, you could drive around a brand-new, 2012 Ford Fusion. That’s one perk Kent State offers all its head coaches and football and basketball assistants. But Kent isn’t the only school to offer cars to their coaches, as all 12 MAC schools offer cars in some form, whether it is stipends or a lease as part of a contract with a dealership. Continue reading.

Doug Rogers – College Athletics Keep Head Coaches Equipped with Cars: Insurance. Gasoline. Routine maintenance. The costs of owning a car add up quickly. Despite the money crunches universities are experiencing from funding cuts, five Mid-American Conference schools still supply every head coach with a car. Kent State, Akron, Bowling Green, Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan all follow suit. Continue reading.

Ed DeTomaso – Generous automobile benefits for MAC athletic departments: A total of 197 university-funded cars are given to Mid-American Conference athletic department employees researched for this study. Perks such as these associated with MAC athletic programs have increasingly caused a divide between university academics and sports. Continue reading.

Justin Rockhold – Athletic Coaching Perk: Free Cars: Mid American Conference, universities provide over 215 cars or car stipends to its athletic coaches, assistants, and administrators. Central Michigan tops the list, providing 38 cars in total to their athletic department. At Buffalo University one car is not enough. Their head football coach and athletic director receive two stipends a month, with a total value of $800 a piece. Continue reading.

Kyle Nelson – The growing disparity between athletics and academics: The 12 full-time schools in the MAC hand out a total of 197 complimentary cars to employees of the athletic departments with Central Michigan University doling out the most at 38. Central Michigan’s College of Medicine has one complimentary car for the entire department. Continue reading.

Tyler Goddard – Courtesy cars programs in college athletics: Does it create an advantage? The university system and the balance between academics and athletics has become increasingly scrutinized over the years.  And in the Mid-American Conference, the debate is no different. Continue reading.


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